Top 20 gifts for him on Valentines day

Love. Darling, no matter how sometimes we undervalue the Valentine's Day, if at the end of it you have not received any greetings from those who love you, and there is not a single symbolic flower blossom on the coffee table – a sadness might occur. Tested practically. No matter how we deny the importance of this day, perhaps Valentine’s Day is as much a commercial holiday as holy Christmas are, the commerciality of which depends only on our own vanity, and, if celebrated from the heart, can be just a day full of love when we love and let others to love us.
While the press is flashing with gift ideas for the ladies, we have the idea that our dearest men, being the pickiest about gifts, deserve to be loved so much, that we worked very hard to figure out 20 best gift ideas for our wonderful men on Valentine's Day:  

1. Time. I got this answer most often while talking to men and asking what gift makes them happiest. Going deeper into the conversation, I realized that this “time” gift has two components: a) they would like to spend time with you when you are the happiest, without reproach, without looking for problems, with you smiling; b) It can be a time with you anywhere you are both happy, so a walk in a beautiful forest or a trip just for two of you is suitable.


2. Food. A dinner made with love is not a back in time travelling, it is classics. You can even cook together if you’re ready that the sous-chef might not do everything perfectly, you are relaxed, and cooking will be a great fun. Dinner at his favorite restaurant is perfect too, and the only one rule applies- no sad faces, just happy and excited you.

The Best recipe for romantic dinner: Beef in red wine sauce




3. Adrenaline. I won’t be stereotypical, stating that men are hunters, looking for adrenaline as I would be wrong, because adrenaline is pleasing to both sexes in certain doses. But did you know that the ingredient for a perfect date is adrenaline? Thus, skydiving, paintball, go-karting and similar ideas are a great start to an evening that almost guarantees a smooth conversion of adrenaline into passion.


4. Classics for Work : If your loved one works in an office or management-led job, here are some gift ideas he needs if he doesn’t already have them in the first place: a high-quality computer and document case. Choose soft, high quality, durable leather, and smooth designs.

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5.  Extremely stylish and practical cosmetic bag, witch can fit all of his belongings. Help him to be organised and keep it in style.


Cosmetic bag 

Stylish everyday bag 


6. Classic for work I: A very stylish and sustainable, heat-protecting, reusable lunchbox.

Lunch box 


7. Classics for Work: Cufflinks. Extreme attention is required with this gift, as a high-quality, especially gold cufflinks are not only a gift, but also a great investment. You can find a wide variety of ideas on the market, so if your loved one, for example, is an aviation fan, airplane-type cufflinks are both playful and stylish.


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8. Classic for work : Frog or tie. Very banal, so only suitable if you know the gift is desired and will be used.

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9. Classic for Work: Personalized shirts. Did you know that there are companies that sew shirts based on a person’s body shape? Such a shirt not only fits perfectly, but also the experience itself – is an absolutely interesting process.



10. Classic for work : A stylist’s consultation about putting together a closet capsule so he always knows what and how to combine clothing, what clothes and colors best reveals his advantages.

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11. Book. One of the best and safest gifts. Sure, you need to get to know someone at least a little bit before such purchase, but by choosing top best sellers’ type books, you’re unlikely to miss.


12. Courses. You want a perspective in the relationship? Grow together. Maybe he has long dreamed of the skills he would like to acquire? Courses can even be a great way to nonverbally convey that you support his goals, like… learning programming.


13. Subscription to a favorite sports game. Probably self-explanatory. If your loved one is not a sports person, a great alternative is a ticket to a stand-up show. Humor can save the world and, so often, the relationships, right?



14. Technology. High-quality headphones, a phone, a smart watch can be the language of his love. If you can't afford quality, consider one gift for Valentine's Day and a birthday - quality always wins over quantity.




15. A good bottle of his favorite drink. Take the time to deepen your knowledge on your loved one’s favorite drink, or consult a professional who, for example, will recommend a great bottle of whiskey or a bottle of wine worthy of attention.



16. A model of a dream car. That red Porsche is still catching his eye, but today you both follow a practical approach? The beautiful and high-quality car toy model will allow you to express how much you admire and support his dream and will allow to manifest his dream every day.



17. Hobby. A gift that supports his hobby is bilingual - not only will you support his hobby, but you will also encourage him to have active and enjoyable leisure time.



18. The Grill equipment. Advice, based on absolutely practical experience. All my friends, who have a now fashionable grilling equipment, have suddenly became the top chefs. Do you know what other positive results of this gift are: a) he will cook; b) You will have a list of gift ideas for a while, as you will also need a leather apron, a stylish set of knives, a sauce holder, sauces and spices, meat preparation books and courses, so for a while you will be calm about gift ideas for him.



19. A Map of the world traveler. The world map hanging on the wall is not only a stylish decoration for an office or workroom, but also allows you to stylishly mark the visited countries of the world and dream of soon to happen travels.



20. Stylish pendant with his favorite symbol or name engraved on it. You will have to turn your head well for this gift, because it must not only be high-quality, stylish, but also have a meaning and for the best it better wouldn’t be the date of your wedding anniversary (unless you happened to love a hopeless romantic, then it will do).

My dearest, the first rule to all this gift choosing is…quality. Better less but higher quality. Better a great book than plastic cufflinks. And for Valentine’s Day, we wish you for the quality: quality in thoughts, quality when you rest and if you rest you do it with such attention and professionalism that you feel the relaxation of every muscle in your body, and if you love… you love so passionately your body shivers every time you remember that moment of love.