7 Fashion trends for Winter 2021/22

8 wardrobe ideas according to 21/22 winter trends

What will the winter trends be about? As lovers of bright colors and interesting shapes we are extremely excited. What could be better than a colorful winter season that doesn’t invite you to hide, disguise with pastel colors, and indulge in the moods of dark evenings? Fashion gurus are inviting us to be bright and, perhaps even to become works of art not only for the joy of ours, but also for those around us.
The first thing you need to know about winter trends is optimism. Despite the gloomier and windier weather, we are by no means shriveled and stay optimistic. Let’s look at our style through pink glasses and here are some accents we need to highlight in our wardrobe to be absolutely chick for winter 2021/2022:

  1. Did you miss geometry lessons? It's time to put them in the wardrobe. Large, brightly colored, or monochrome shapes are a great solution. They inspire, stimulate creativity, and help to stand out. Oh, and if you add bright colors, you're already meeting two winter 21/22 trends: optimism and geometry.
  1. We are walking down the street as if the ski season is on! Oversized, fluffy jackets, soft, patterned sweaters, knitted pants or knitted skirts are the clothes that will make you look like you're just sipping a glass of hot wine in a Swiss alpine hut. By the way, this image will be perfectly elevated with ski-style glasses. Let those around you think that you have just returned from a ski resort.

  2. Incompatible colors. Combining bright, plain color clothes is a way not only to be bright but also to improve your mood. Orange and red – not compatible? Well, definitely it is! Yellow-red, pink-red are the perfect combinations for color clashes this winter. Yes, we’re still talking about winter season trends and we can’t hide the joy, especially when you can find handbags of incredible color combinations in the www.Pakabahouse.com store.

  3. Lack of coziness? Not only brightly colored, but also warm, soft hugs of sweaters this winter will be like a pharmacist’s recommendation to survive the cold season. Large, bright patterns, ultra-soft knits - a must. With having such a sweater, you will not need to download acquaintance apps, as the hugs of these style details will suffice the need of social comfort.

  4. Long leather gloves - for stylish handshakes. After a long period of greetings with elbows or a long-distance waving, today we get the support of the fashion world to invest in long, leather, high-quality and stylish gloves. In the end, now we don't shy away from each other and, little by little, social life becomes more active, so fashion screams - we can finally shake hands with each other and it can be done in style!

  5. Encouraging stylish greeting is not the only recommendation by style gurus that was born with the growth of social recovery. Glitter! Did you feel the frustration that the shiny blouse you bought before the pandemic had to rest in the closet without making anyone’s eyes happy? It’s time to take it out for admiration. And most importantly, a shiny blouse or skirt is not just for an evening, but a trend we can use in everyday life ... Shine bright every day, as they say.

  6. Hiding from the paparazzi trend? Whether you’re a celebrity or a style lover, the tendency to hide from the paparazzi is also a new fashion scream. Large hoodies, face-covering collars — are the details that fit the trend perfectly. Face-hiding hoodies used in everyday sports hoodies are now moving into high fashion and are suitable for both cardigans and coats or jackets.

  7. Honesty (or more specific- openness) is the best policy! Transparent fabrics from podiums leads to everyday trends. Whether it's a blouse that is completely transparent as an evening style solution or a blouse with transparent sleeves or maybe part of a skirt made of chiffon fabric- all works. It’s especially great when the dense fabric is combined with the lightweight, romantic, transparent fabric.

Thus, even though the pandemic affected every area of our lives the fashion market finally invites us to liberate ourselves, enabling style lovers to use bright shapes, colors and to improve mood of ours and those who won't be able to keep their eyes from you. Style 21/22 will invite to shake each other's hands in style, and those, seeking comfort, can hide with large hoodies in style or rely on the ski resort type of style for everyday wear. Just don't forget to be bright.