Will you choose to become a super-woman?

The pandemic will be over. Will you choose to become a super-woman?

Must admit, 2020 was some tough year for most of us. This black swan was unpredictable and came upon us as a surprise. Yet, the pandemic will be over, but the question is: will you choose to become a super-woman afterward?

Time, a precious resource. In the crazy running world, we urged a moment for us. Here is our chance to change the perspective and take a look at the situation as an opportunity to:
1. Get to know yourself better. I know, I know, you might have a pretty clear perspective about who you are but there is no better filter for a true self as calmness. Get to a will power training session, make “to read” and “to do” lists. Here is your chance to take full control, without the whole world shouting to your ears to run faster. Calm down and get to know yourself. What do you like? What inspires you?
2. Learn to be with yourself. There is a wise saying that before getting into any relationships, you need to learn to live on your own. Why not use these calmer days for learning how to love yourself? First of all, unfollow social pages that cause unhealthy body image anxiousness. Second of all: sports. Any sports will do hiking, running, yoga, pilates, anything you like. One of the key benefits of sport is discipline and you will need it after the world will become a marathon again. Any crisis has a significant effect on our psychology and after the crisis, you can be the one, who leaves this CORONA party being stronger and confident as ever!
3. Keep your mind sharp. Just as Elon Musk has said, today you can learn anything if you have the internet and a smart device. Read, learn, watch documentaries, discuss social media, and facetime with inspiring people. Why this is important? The crisis will end, you might be the one, only capable to talk about how the famous Hollywood family is living or you might be ready for the new market growth period.
4. Look your best self. Even though it is so convenient to walk in pajamas make-up free and in crazy hairstyles but there is something like brain plasticity. Our brain is wired to re-learn and gets used too quickly to lazy choices. This super genius in us is quick to learn and whenever possible, he chooses to use the least effort possible. When possible, put on some make-up, put on a dress and make yourself a beautiful hairstyle. Experiment with style. Make selfies, make an Insta story (hey, you can find us on Instagram and tag us to your Insta story of you, looking your best pandemic self ? )

Are you ready to become a super-woman? We sure are! Don’t forget to follow, tag us and let’s stay fabulous, you, the urban fighter!