What is Pakabahouse and who inspires us?

Pakabahouse is a new Lithuanian fashion brand founded in 2016. and driven by unique and different people and their characters. Our main goal is to, through our unique fashion approach, show people that they all are unique in the world and to break an ‘’ideal’’ stereotype. And we are breaking the stereotypes by making the exclusive, fresh, top quality and, most importantly, “with character” bags.


What Pakabahouse does and which materials do we use?

Our company specializes in making the best quality leather bags, backpacks, wallets for men and women. We are using tested and quality Italian leather and combine them with fine metals. We have young and inovative team of designers, full of energy and fresh ideas, combined with highly qualified sewing team that worked more than 30 years in the fashion industry, to bring you the unique blend of quality and uniqueness.

Who are Pakabahouse customers?

All our bags represent fearless, strong, unique and “one of a kind” individuals who know what they want and they are in this world to take it. Main rule to accept is that you are already born unique and that you create your own ideals! We believe that bag is the most important thing in your wardrobe, because it holds your most important and personal stuff. That is why we giving soul to each bag, making them comfortable, while paying much attention to quality, by using tested, strong and top quality Italian leather so they stay as new for a long time.

Why choose Pakabahouse?

You are unique right? So why not choosing the bag to match? All our bags represent you and your character by combining broad range of colours, different brave leather combinations, asymmetrical cutting on bag in order to create imperfect perfection, which is in all of us, thus making us unique and different from others in so many ways.

Why are we different?

We are making bags for man and woman from all over the world. Our focus is on exclusive bags collection, where each bag is different and can’t be made into duplicate, thus ensuring that each client has unique bag which represents you, your character, feelings and stays close to you for a long time.

Also our innovative, young team recently came up with an idea of ‘’creating your own bag’’, so that you can now decide how you want your bag to look, which colours and leather combinations you want to use and collaborate with our designer team to help create your perfect bag. Also, if you are making present for those who you love, we can make bag more personalized by putting special words you choose inside the bag, thus ensuring that you give a gift that will stay with the person for a long time.